Toxic Origin

from by Lyluth



The infant mind just left to turn having fed lies since its birth he bares the mark of every sin scarred from the blade and venom beneath the cityscape eludes a realm of odd decay a transformation here concealed within a youthful face
One cruel reckoning of mindlessness creates toxic origin.
Observe its vulgar wrath under the scope you breathe your last curse us never to sleep for death is not the end we seek toxic in every way the plasma flows within the vein reanimate the dead we'll rid the world of consciousness.
One cruel reckoning of mindlessness creates toxic origin. Degenerate mankind leave earth deaf and blind let now the end begin toxic origin.
Let now the worst be done and skin alive their blessed ones with dull knives and countless slits we'll hack the bone torn limb from limb. display high for all to see the rotten flaws society has deemed with most awful acts let selfish fools now beg to last.


from A Desolate Design, released August 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Lyluth Farmington, Missouri

A Desolate Design - Recorded, mixed and mastered at Brickwindow Records.



  • Aug 19
    St Louis, MO
  • Sep 07
    St Louis, MO

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